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What we do

The Colombian Way is one of Colombia’s most established and trusted tour operators. We are a strictly B2C company that deals directly with our travelling clients. We do not deal with other agencies and we do not rebrand or white-label our tours for third parties.

We aim to provide engaging, authentic, meaningful and memorable experiences. We offer a high standard of charming and independently owned accommodation throughout the country.

We devote ourselves to the details that don’t cost money but truly matter to clients. Provisioning excellence, bulletproof internal processes, service delivery, orientation, communication and portfolio consistency.

We aim to inspire confidence and make it enjoyable and easy to plan your vacation with us.

Round trips

Most of our clients are visiting Colombia on what we call a round trip, although they are seldom round, they have a start point, an end point, a logical itinerary and we provide a full range of transfers, hotels, flights and expert local guides.

All of our tours such as The Colours of Colombia are privately organised and are almost infinitely customisable.

Each of our round trips give you ideas about how itineraries can logically be put together.

No two round trips are the same, we will gladly work with you until we have the perfect itinerary at the perfect price point.

Destinations and day trips

Our destinations pages offer information about different regions of Colombia. Our day trips pages show the range of day trips that can be undertaken in each destination or region.

Most of the day trips on our website can be booked by anyone regardless of whether you are undertaking a multi-destination itinerary with us or not.

Inclusive packages

Some of our packages such as Caño Cristales, La Guajira and Bahia Solano are all-inclusive packages that can be booked independently outside of a round trip

These tours are often perfect for solo travellers.


We offer a curated range of preferred hotels, posadas and family-owned fincas.

Semi-independent travel

Since the peace accord of 2016 Colombia has experienced a tourism boom with many people coming and travelling independently. There are still some elements that are difficult to organise independently though. Cute family fincas in remote locations, transfers between cities in far flung regions, even some of our inclusive packages can be challenging to organise.

What we do not do

  • We are not a concierge service
  • We are not a hotel booking service
  • We will not offer unrealistic itineraries
  • We do not offer group tours with scheduled outings
  • We do not deal with third party travel agencies, concierge services or travel planners
  • We do not sell flights as a standalone service and we do not offer international air travel
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