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If you want to volunteer then we want to put you in touch with genuine volunteering opportunities.

Work at a jungle lodge

We offer genuine volunteering opportunities with an excellent jungle lodge.


Tenure: You must be available for a minimum of 6 weeks, there is a maximum of 9 weeks

Languages: You must be bilingual, either English/Spanish, Spanish/German, German/English, English/Portuguese or a combination thereof.

Costs: There are no costs, board and lodge are provided as well as medical care and medications if required. All visitors to the jungle lodge receive comprehensive adventure sport and medical insurance.

Flights: You will be responsible for your own flights to Leticia.

You: Must be a physically fit adult, flexible, open-minded and hard working. Good humoured but serious and responsible.

The job: Your duties will include

  • Assist visitors to the lodge
  • Receive, welcome and explain routines and facilities to guests that do not speak Spanish or Portuguese. Showing guests to their accommodation and introducing them to their guides
  • Accompanying the guests on their outings with local guides and acting as their translator
  • Being a nominated point of contact for guests
  • General housekeeping duties when required
  • Teaching basic English to local staff members in short 30 minutes sessions
  • Sundry admin and translation duties

If you fit the bill and are interested in the incredible experience of spending a couple of months in the jungle then contact us using our online forms telling us a bit about yourself.

Social volunteering projects in Ibagué

Let’s Go volunteer offers varied volunteering opportunities the Colombian town of Ibagué. Visit their website for more information. The foundation revolves around three centres that provide a hot lunch and activities to over 250 of the city’s poorest children.


Tenure: Volunteers can stay for any length of time, a week to a year. We recommend staying at least a month to make the most of the opportunities there.

Languages: Spanish is helpful but certainly not a requirement. There are members of the team who speak English and can help you get started with your Spanish.

Costs: Please see their website for details. As an example, a four week stay would require a $500 fee to cover accommodation and lunch and dinner during the week.

Flights: You will be responsible for your own flights to Colombia but a meet and greet service can be arranged if one is required.

You: Anyone who is keen to pitch in and help is welcome. No experience is required but if you have worked as teacher or with young children before that would be particularly helpful. At the moment the children enjoy activities based on studying Spanish, English, dance, sports and art.

The job: Let’s Go Volunteer currently runs four programs – with children, with the elderly, with women in need and with the environment. Your duties will vary considerably depending on which you decide program you wish to follow. However, almost all volunteers will help out in the children’s centres at some point as this is where the need is greatest. There you may help cook, organize the arrival of the children, serve the lunches and perhaps help out with or organise the afternoon activities.

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