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The Colombian Way offers a curated selection of hotels and small accommodation options that over the years we have built a relationship with, that we know offer a high standard and consistent experience throughout the country.

All hotels and fincas that we recommend to clients are known personally to us.

Independently owned

Save for clients that need to be near Bogotá Airport for an early departure, all of our favourite hotels are independently owned and managed, no major international chains, no franchises and no bland characterless buildings. A friendly atmosphere and personal service is guaranteed at all our preferred properties.

Location, location, location

We pay special attention to location, we want our clients to experience Colombia in the same areas that Colombians do, not effortless entertainment districts or tourist traps. We will have you on the doorstep of the best eats and drinks but occasionally we want you to have to explore a little too.

In Bogotá expect to spend a few nights in the walkable upmarket Rosales neighbourhood. In Cartagena we only offer accommodation in the old town to experience the essence of the city. In Medellín expect something a little glitzy with easy access to the slickest bars.


In the city of Cartagena, all of our preferred hotels are centuries old colonial houses with fewer than 10 guest rooms. In The Tatacoa Desert stay in a goat farmer’s shack. In the coffee zone, go where the locals go. In La Guajira sleep in a hut on a beach.

Unique characteristics

Be it unique design touches, historical significance, architectural faithfulness, unusual building styles or construction materials, each of our preferred hotels has a special detail to add to its authenticity.

Family fincas

No stay in Colombia is complete without a stay of two or three nights in one of our carefully selected coffee fincas.

Upscale it, downscale it

We will recommend hotels in all destinations, however there is the chance to upscale and downscale hotels in major cities. Ask us for details when planning your tour.

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