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Provisioning lead-in times

How late can we organise your trip? How far ahead do need to plan for your tour?

About The Colombian Way

The Colombian Way is primarily a tour operator and our provisioning systems and business model focus on delivering multi-destination extended tours. Clients booking extended tours start planning their tours with us up to a year in advance.

We do offer day trips, package destinations and transfers to clients not undertaking extended tours with us, however day trip and transfer services are delivered by means of the same strict processes that are used to programme extended tours.

Provisioning systems and processes

We are proud of our 100% service delivery rate and we will not compromise the provisioning processes of our core business. We are not a company that excels at last-minute and next-day bookings, nor do we deign to be.

We are a company that works through our own bulletproof provisioning processes to make your tour happen without the need to revisit it.

Minimum provisioning lead-in times

The absolute minimum provisioning lead-in time is 3 working days. Without those 3 working days we simply do not have the time to work through the processes required to put your tour or transfer together.


Some tours have limited availability and require us to make enquiries to ensure we can offer them prior to confirming them. Such tours will have a longer lead in time.

5 working days Hacienda Coloma requires us to confirm when we are taking clients and as such has a longer lead-in time. Los Nevados 3-day treks also require preliminary confirmation and these services from Salento have a longer provisioning time.

10 working days are required for all package destinations, Caño Cristales, Bahia Solano, Nuquí, Ciudad Perdida and Amazonas. We also require 10 working days for Cartagena city tours from the cruise terminal.


We may occasionally block guides and services for you pending provisioning. However we do not formally provision services until they are paid for. If an invoice is not paid and the remaining time is insufficient to provision the services then the invoice will be cancelled.