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Hacienda Coloma

This is a day trip available from Bogotá


Hacienda Coloma is located in the Cundinamarca town of Fusagasugá, At a slightly lower elevation than Bogotá, you will notice that it is warmer making it an ideal destination for coffee cultivation. The Hacienda is the home of the Coloma boutique brand of Colombian coffee.

Set in picture postcard grounds, this colonial era hacienda has beautiful gardens and is perfectly appointed to demonstrate the activities surrounding coffee growing, processing and roasting. You will have the chance to see everything from seeding to packing the final product.

The Tour

Your day starts with your private transport pickup at your hotel in Bogotá, from where we drive approximately 90 minutes to Fusagasugá.

Once at the hacienda, your coffee experience will commence with one of the hacienda’s guides. Learn about how Willy’s jeeps are vital to the cafeteros and see a mint working example of one from World War II. Enjoy the gardens, visit the seeding area to learn about the lifecycle of a coffee plant, pick your own coffee “cherries,” see early methods for processing coffee and learn about the coffee culture that is so vital to Colombia’s economy.

Leaving the past behind you, you will then get to see modern drying, roasting and packing processes before finally getting the chance to sample the product.

Enjoy the gardens at your own leisure before moving on to Fusagasugá itself to walk around a typical Colombian town and perhaps enjoy a typical Colombian lunch.

Groups sizes

This tour is ideally suited for groups of 2-8 people, although larger groups can be accommodated on request. The hacienda is private and enclosed with ample grounds, making it the perfect place for families with children.

The Hacienda Coloma tour includes its visitors in all stages of the coffee production process and its educational merits make it the ideal destination for schools and youth groups.

We say

  • The Perfect introduction to the world of coffee, ideal for those that want to learn about the culture and processes behind their morning brew.
  • An ideal day our for visitors to Colombia that are not going to the coffee zone and want to experience coffee culture from their base in Bogotá.


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