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Los Llanos wildlife tours

Think of Colombia and you might think of the coffee zone, bustling innovative cities like Medellín, Immaculate UNESCO world heritage sites like Cartagena, or San Agustín. But what happens if you head east?

What happens if you forego the coast? Turn your back on the mountain-dwellers? Shun the cities and just drop off the easternmost of Colombia’s three Andean ranges? What is life like in Colombia’s vast and sparsely populated plains? What wilderness awaits you?

Imagine infinite skies, a solitary and distant tree punctuates the flatness, picture a place with a simple existence and few tourists. A place with abundant wildlife and nature. A people generous of spirit and eager to show you their traditions. A place like none other. Welcome to Colombia’s so-called Wild East.

A place of astounding beauty defined culturally by its people, never underestimate the Llaneros, in 1819 the arrival of these noble men on horseback was pivotal in the winning the Battle of Boyacá for Simon Bolívar. Three days later they captured the city of Bogotá. Both these acts were instrumental in the liberation of Colombia from Spain.

Nowadays the Llaneros have lost none of their rugged outdoorsy traits. They dedicate themselves to rearing cattle and horses, they are at one with nature and they very much live off the land. Los Llanos has a culture quite distinct from the rest of Colombia and when not working the land, expect Llaneros to wind down with delicious barbecued meats, dancing a joropo in their traditional costumes or playing the cuatro, a type of small guitar.

Aside from the welcoming people, an unparalleled variety of fauna awaits you. Capybaras, agoutis, wild pigs, anteaters, armadillos, jaguars, ocelots, pumas, anacondas, turtles, deer, foxes and caimans to name but a few species. As well as a huge variety of avifauna including hawks, falcons, owls, hummingbirds and macaws.


  • Los Llanos is very much a destination for action, wildlife and relaxation. It is not a luxury destination. Please ask before booking if you wish to clarify accommodation comfort and amenities.


Most guests will want to fit Los Llanos into an extended tour of Colombia so our standard package is a 3 day 2 night plan with a full day of activities in a stunning wildlife reserve. We can offer longer plans on request.

Getting to the region requires a flight to Yopal. The city has flights from Bogotá and Bucaramanga. Our packages include transfers in and out. The nature reserves are about 2 hours away from Yopal in an overland transfer.

You hit the ground running and the afternoon of day 1 you head out on horseback with your experienced guide to explore the 600 hectare ranch of Hacienda La Independencia.

Day 2 is a full day 4×4 nature and wildlife tour. The location will depend on the season and local weather conditions. Again you will be accompanied by an expert guide giving you the best chance to spot anacondas, anteaters, iguanas and caimans. You will enjoy a delicious home-cooked lunch at the reserve, don’t worry, some relaxation time will be built into your day and after sunset you will be returned to your accommodation close to Yopal.

Day 3, at a time to coincide with your outbound flights we return you to Yopal airport for your onward travel.


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