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Bahía Solano

Bahía Solano is one of the three main ecotourism destinations on Colombia’s Pacific Coast. We offer stays at the beautiful El Almejal ecolodge located on the waterside. The lodge is adjacent to El Valle, a small and authentic fishing village, the perfect way for the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The lodge is located immediately upon El Almejal beach, a dark sandy beach typical of the Pacific coast, immediately behind the beach is lush green dense tropical coastal rain forest. The only way to reach this unspoilt paradise is via aeroplane or boat such is its remoteness.

From July to October, the lodge is an ideal place for spotting the migrating humpback whales, but whales are just one example of the area’s immense biodiversity and Bahía Solano is known for its huge variety of plants and animals. El Almejal also boasts a turtle conservation project, a turtle farm that releases turtles into the wild between September and January. Over the last 16 years, El Almejal has raised and released some 85,000 turtles into the Pacific.

The beaches around Bahía Solano are the perfect place for walking and seeing the beautiful forest, tropical plants, wildlife and natural features such as waterfalls. Close to the lodge is the natural park of Utría, home to the Embera Indians. This area is not normally visited by tourists and requires exacting planning, please let us know if you are interested in adding Utría to your trip to Bahía Solano.

All in all, Bahía Solano is the perfect destination for both ecotourism and unadulterated relaxation.


  • The region has particularly high humidity, take a zip-loc bag to keep important possessions dry.
  • Take a torch and batteries with you.
  • Travel to the area with a rucksack rather than a suitcase.
  • The yellow fever vaccination is obligatory for Bahía Solano.


We recommend a minimum of 4 nights at the El Almejal lodge, the destination has a small airstrip which is reached from Medellín. We organise your transfer from the air strip to El Almejal lodge.

You can tailor your own programme to your personal wishes and we will be happy to work through this with you, focus your trip on nature and wildlife, walking and trekking or between July and November you can also include whale watching. Perhaps you want a mix of all three themes, you decide and it can be planned for you.

Don’t forget to include a visit to the turtle conservation project or plan some walks in the jungle. The area is also a hotspot birding destination. Whatever you want, be sure to enjoy the area’s biodiversity to its fullest.


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