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Isla Gorgona

Isla Gorgona is an island located 28kms off Colombia’s Pacific Coast, it has a total area of 25km². It is 9kms long and at its widest point it is 2.5kms. The island can only be reached by boat from Guapi.

Its small size belies the incredibly broad variety of wildlife on the island, it is a paradise for eco tourism. Previously the island was the Alcatraz of Colombia and housed a prison, today you can visit what remains of the former prison.

Gorgona is one of Colombia’s top highlights for nature lovers, it boasts no fewer than 147 species of birds, more than 100 different insects and over 500 species of marine animals.

The most popular time to visit is between July and October when one can see the migrating humpback whales. You can observe this spectacle from the island’s beaches or on a boat tour. A genuinely incredible experience awaits you.

For the diving fanatics, Gorgona has Colombia’s greatest coral reef and we can also organise diving tours.

Getting there

The journey is out of Guapi by boat. This small town is reached from Cali by air, we can organise a travel package including accommodation, flights, ground transportation and meals.

Due to security concerns we do not organise trips to Gorgona via Buenaventura.


The only accommodation option on the island is the Vedas Cabins owned by the Gorgona Park Authority. All in all the cabins can accommodate 80 people in 18 rooms divided between 6 buildings.

Clients visiting Gorgona should manage their expectations accordingly. The island is remote and compromised in a way that other Colombian destinations are not. There may be occasional interruptions to hot water, electricity and the internet.

Although the accommodation is basic, it does boast incredible ocean views.


  • For a visit to Gorgona a yellow fever vaccination is mandatory and you may be required to show a vaccination certificate at the park’s entrance. You should also exercise caution walking around Gorgona, the park has numerous wild snakes.
  • Gorgona is a protected national park, it is strictly prohibited to remove shells, corals, plants or anything else from the island.
  • You should take good walking shoes with you, as well as clothes suitable for the tropical climate and sun protection.


The normal duration of a visit to the island is 4 days / 3 nights. Depending on your wishes, the stay may be lengthened or shortened. Your trip can include numerous ecological walks, a visit to the prison’s ruins, hiking trails and a visit to Playa Palmera. Additionally you may choose to take a boat tour around the island, a great opportunity to watch the playful dolphins.

The best sites for snorkelling are Yundigua, El Planchón and La Parguera.

The museum in the El Payán sector offers an interesting cultural insight

The programmes we offer to Gorgona are are based on either nature tourism, whale watching or diving.

We arrange the flights or ground transportation, the boat trip from Guapi, and whatever tour or activity you could possibly desire.

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