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The Colombian Extreme Adventure

The Colombian Extreme Adventure is the ultimate round trip for those seeking thrills and excitement amidst beautiful Colombian landscapes.

Trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, quad bikes, white water rafting, caving, paragliding, diving, snorkelling and kayaking all in one round trip.

Tour Plan

From Bogotá we initially drive north to Villa de Leyva in the Boyacá department for the beginning of the your adventure in the Andean highlands. Villa de Leyva not only boast beautiful colonial architecture and the largest plaza in the whole of Latin America but also has an enviable wealth of activities.

From Villa de Leyva it is onwards by road to San Gil and Barichara, Barichara being the undisputed prettiest village in Colombia, and located just a 30 minute ride away from San Gil, Colombia’s outdoor sports and activities mecca.

We then continue onwards to Bucaramanga in order to fly to Cartagena where we include a guided tour of the historic old town and a day trip excursion to go snorkelling on one of the Rosario Islands

Travelling across the Caribbean coast by road we reach Santa Marta. We wrap up your tour in Palomino where you will visit Colombia’s famous PNN Tayrona and you have the chance to go tubing or kayaking. Otherwise, just enjoy the chance to hike through the stunning coastal tropical jungle.


This tour takes you from the cool highland climates of Bogotá and Villa de Leyva, onwards to the warmer mountain landscapes of San Gil and Barichara. Finally to the Caribbean where temperatures can reach up to 40ºC

Group sizes

This tour is privately organised and is available for groups of 2 people and upwards, we are able to provide tour guides in both English and German.

Day 1

You will be met by one of our representatives at Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport and taken by private transfer to your hotel in La Candelaria, Bogotá’s historic colonial centre.

Bogotá is 2640m above sea level and if you happen to have arrived on a flight from Europe, you will have landed early evening. The evening of day 1 has no formal plans to allow you to relax, acclimatise to the altitude and adjust to the time difference.

Day 2

Your chance to get to know our capital city, we begin the day with a journey to the top of Monserrate, the Cerro overlooking the Bogotá Savannah. At a height of 3150m the mountain affords spectacular views across Bogotá and great photo opportunities. Normally we will ascend the Cerro by cable car, subject to local conditions we can also guide you up to the peak by foot.

In the afternoon, we have a social outing and take you to play tejo, Colombia’s national pastime. Itself an extreme sport as it involves beer and explosives.

Day 3

We hit the road and take you on the 4 hour journey to Villa de Leyva. On the way we stop at Laguna Guatavita for some light hiking and the beautiful laguna that originated the legend of El Dorado. Our preferred hotel in the Villa de Leyva is located just a short walk from the impressive Plaza Mayor. The rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy at your own pace, walk around the town and enjoy the craft shops and excellent restaurants that the town has to offer.

Day 4

A tour around the beautiful surroundings of Villa de Leyva. Mountain bike, horseback or quad bikes. You pick your group’s mode of transport.

Prefer something more challenging. Consider torrentismo, abseiling down a waterfall. Perhaps a trip to El Páramo de Iguaque or the breathtaking Paso de Ángel walk.

Day 5

We depart in the morning to Barichara in the Santander Department. Arriving late afternoon to check into your hotel just outside the town. The afternoon you can spend in the hotel’s pool or go into Barichara itself.

Day 6

Two activity sessions, take your pick from caving, river rafting or paragliding.

Day 7

Trip to Barichara to undertake a 3 hour ecological walk to Guane. In the afternoon enjoy a guided tour of Barichara or carry on walking with a trip to Juan Curí Waterfall.

Day 8

We drive through the Chicamocha Canyon to Bucaramanga where we leave the Andean region of Colombia and travel by plane to the Caribbean Coast, arriving late afternoon in Cartagena, from the airport you will be transferred to your hotel in the walled city and remainder of the day is free.

Day 9

Cartagena city tour including San Felipe castle, the historic walled city and Getsemaní. The city tour ends mid-afternoon, as you near the end of your round trip with us this gives you a chance to have a couple of hours of downtime before taking yourself to Café del Mar to watch the spectacular sunset across the Caribbean whilst sipping on a long tall drink.

Day 10

Snorkelling amongst the beautiful coral reefs of the Rosario Islands, returning early evening to the Marina.

Day 11

After breakfast we head along the coast to Palomino to in the Guajira department. Our choice of accommodation here is an independently owned hotel nestled between the beach and the tropical jungle.

Day 12

A day trip to Parque Tayrona to take advantage of the spectacular hikes and scenery

Day 13

Either enjoy a free day on the beach, enjoy the scenery with some relaxing hikes, or we can organise tubing down the Río Palomino, kayaking or horse-riding.

Day 14

Transfers to Santa Marta airport for onwards travel. Flights back to Bogotá or another part of Colombia can be arranged for you.

Day 2

If you would prefer, we can offer a longer city tour instead of tejo.

Day 3 or 8

Either of these days you can add in a 3 day wildlife tour in Los Llanos.

Day 7

Instead of the trek to Guane take a bicycle trip to San Jose del Valle

Day 10

Swap the day trip to the Rosario Islands for 2 or 3 nights on Isla Barú.

Day 14

Extend your trip by adding in a 5 day trek to La Ciudad Perdida, the lost city of the Kogi Indians.

Destination information

This tour visits the following destinations. Click the links below for more comprehensive information on each destination.


Villa de Leyva

San Gil and Barichara

Camino Real

Juan Curí waterfall


Cartagena city tour

Santa Marta and Tayrona



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