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Isla Barú

Just 45 minutes from Cartagena marina, this is the ideal destination for those that want to include some beach time away from the city.

Isla Barú is not actually an island, it is a peninsular cut off from the mainland by the Canal del Dique, a 118km canal built by the Spanish in 1852 to connect the Bay of Cartagena to the Magdalena River. Does this peninsular feel like a Caribbean island? Well, yes it does, it has lush green vegetation, turquoise waters and white coral beaches.

The peninsular is probably best known for Playa Blanca, the white sandy beach that is a popular and sometimes chaotic day trip from Cartagena.

Away from the crowds though, Barú also boasts a number of small hotels, each bringing their own benefits and styles, be it romance, seclusion, tranquility or just a simpler life on an immaculate beach for a few days.

Isla Barú is the ideal option for travellers that want a Caribbean beach experience without adding a whole new destination into their itinerary.


How you get to Isla Barú depends on whereabouts on the peninsular you are staying. Beach resorts on the east side of the island are a 45 minute trip from Cartagena marina in a rapid motor launch. If you are heading to the west side of the peninsular you will more likely travel overland and cross the canal. Launches depart from Cartagena Marina at 9am. Overland transfers allow a little more flexibility.

We would recommend a stay of 2 or 3 nights to give you one or two full days on the beach.

Many hotels on the peninsular offer additional amenities such as spa treatments, and activities such as kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.

Whether you are returning by rapid launch or by car, you will leave the peninsular to return to Cartagena late afternoon. It is often possible to coordinate transfers straight back to the airport for onward flights to Bogotá and Medellín.

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