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This day trip is available from Bogotá.


Laguna Guatavita is a former sacred site of the Muisca Indians, the former inhabitants of the central highlands of what is today known as Colombia. At Laguna Guatavita, the Muisca Cacique would cover himself i gold dust, sail out into the laguna and rinse off, fine goldwork would be thrown into the laguna as an offering for Chie, the goddess of water.

Word got back to Spain and thus was born the Legend of El Dorado. El Dorado, its literal meaning in Spanish is “the golden one” and is a reference to the gold covered cacique.

There have been numerous efforts to drain the laguna to find the gold treasures submerged below. Most of the gold made its way back to Spain however some examples are on display currently in the Bogotá Gold Museum.

Today Laguna Guatavita is a protected park and has excellent trails for hikers

The name Guatavita also refers to the nearby town of Guatavita which is unusually not very old. The town was built in the 1960’s as an architectural heritage site and replica of of the original old town of Guatavita which was sacrificed to create a reservoir.

Guatavita town is fashioned in exacting detail and pays homage to the legend of El Dorado of its namesake laguna.

Tour outline

The tour includes private transport from your hotel and gives you a chance to see both the laguna and the town, as well as to follow one of the hiking trails. Besides taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Laguna Guatavita Park, you will also have the chance to explore Guatavita town.

We say

  • A trip to Guatavita is a must for those interested in Muísca heritage and the legend of El Dorado, especially if you have already had your imagination captured by the Bogotá Gold Museum.
  • Due to the outstanding natural beauty of the area and the photo opportunities presented by Guatavita town, this tour is available as one of our Bogotá Photography Tours.
  • For a great value day out, consider combining a half day visit to Guatavita with a half day visit to The Salt Mines of Nemocón or The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.
  • Consider stopping off in Chía on the way back to Bogotá
  • This walk in the park is by no means a walk in the park. Although the paved footpaths are well defined, be aware that you will require a moderate level of fitness to complete the walk.


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