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The Cloud Forest of Chicaque

This day trip is available from Bogotá.


Enchanting Parque Chicaque is about 45 minutes away from central Bogotá and is located just outside the city’s Soacha district.

Parque Chicaque, a privately administered estate, is a cloud forest covering 244 hectares with 18km of criss-crossing ecological walks. Its altitude ranges from 2100m to 2700m.

Ecosystems, flora and fauna

The forest has 7 different types of woodland habitat hosting thousands of plant varieties, 200 species of birds and 20 distinct mammal species.

Ask us if you want us to organise a botany specialist to accompany you on your day trip to Parque Chicaque.


Parque Chicaque really is a great place for nature lovers and enthusiastic walkers. Enjoy the picturesque pathways as they take you through the differing habitats that the forest offers.

Choose between well defined paths or slightly less well defined walks and climbs across rocks, crystal clear streams and through thicker vegetation.

Those that make it to the peak will be rewarded with a spectacular view across the Magdalena Valley and lush green landscapes.

Relax after your walk with a home-style meal in the restaurant at the park’s refuge. If all that walking and eating has worn you out, return to the car park on horseback. Horses can be rented for just this return trip or for a whole morning or afternoon

The park is a superb location for photography so be sure to take your camera for some spectacular shots of sheer rock faces, exotic plant species, weird and wonderful insects and dramatic panoramas.


The Colombian Way will organise your private transport to pick you up from your hotel and take you to the park, after your day in the park we will return you to your hotel.

Groups and private tours

Parque Chicaque is normally a private tour ideally suited for 2 to 8 people, larger groups available on request.

We say

  • We cannot recommend Parque Chicaque highly enough, it is simply beautiful and the perfect escape.
  • Some of the routes through the park are paved, some are not. But all of them have steep inclines. The park requires a reasonable level of fitness and a pair of stout walking shoes.


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