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Volcán Azufral

This is a day trip available from Pasto, Rumichaca and Ipiales.


Volcán Azufral lies in the deep south at a peak altitude of 4070 metres above sea level. The city of Túquerres is the last urbanisation before you ascend to the peak of Azufral. The trip is by car until the road stops from where you have a walk of approximately 90 minutes through immaculate páramo landscape, where the páramo ends, you find yourself in a stark rocky volcanic landscape walking amongst the clouds.

When you reach the peak you are rewarded with the spectacular view of the green, mineral rich Laguna Verde, a laguna set in Volcán Azufral’s crater.

For nature lovers and hiking fanatics alike, Volcán Azufral is one of the Colombian south’s principal attractions offering moderate trekking, a high altitude challenge and a great variety of plant-life. A great way to see abundant frailejones thriving in their páramo landscape and to experience the air tinged with the aroma of sulphur from where the volcano gets its name.

Unusually for a high altitude volcanic crater location, the laguna is surrounded by wide sandy beaches, so after the ascent, take a break and take in the beauty of this unique landscape.

Transport & guide

We organise transportation from Rumichaca, Ipiales or Pasto and include a professional guide with a vast experience of the high altitude landscape and challenges presented by Volcán Azufral.

Groups and private tours

This trip is ideal for groups of 2 to 6 people, of course individuals and larger groups can be accommodated on request.

We say

  • This destination is not particularly well-known, for the budding explorer within it presents a unique chance to experience an incredible location somewhat off the well-trodden path.
  • Volcán Azufral is the epitome of the Andean landscape, steep rock faces, an abundance of lush green nature and pristine páramo
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