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The Colombian Heritage Experience

The Colombian Heritage Experience serves up a rich pre-Columbian adventure in a fast-moving itinerary.

Tour Plan

The tour starts from Neiva Airport from where you visit the unique searing landscapes of the Tatacoa Desert and get the chance to spend a night in a traditional and tranquil Colombian village.

Onwards we travel to the UNESCO world heritage sites of San Agustín and Tierradentro, Colombia’s most significant sites for pre-columbian culture. The itinerary in these two destinations is feature-packed with not only visits to the archeological sites but also hiking, horse riding through pristine Huila landscapes and a visit to El Estrecho del Magdalena.


Come prepared, this trip combines the mild climate and rains of San Agustín with the overbearing dry heat of Tatacoa

Group sizes

This trip is available for groups of two people and upwards.

Day 1

Upon arrival at Neiva’s airport you will be met by your local guide.

Transfer in private transport from the airport to the village of Villavieja where you can leave your luggage at your simple hotel in the village. Afterwards you will continue to the Tatacoa Desert where you can undertake several walks through the incredible lunar-like landscapes.

Afterward transfer back to your hotel in Villavieja. The village has a warm climate and friendly inhabitants. It is a great place for an evening beer in the Plaza.

Day 2

After breakfast we transfer you to San Agustín along the Magdalena River. Take in the spectacular views of canyons and the Represa Betania. We arrive in San Agustín in afternoon where we stay in a beautiful country hotel just outside of the village.

After checking in to your hotel, your local guide will take you horse riding through the lush green landscapes of El Huila.

Day 3

After breakfast we visit the fascinating San Agustín park, a UNESCO world heritage site. The park has a pet tortoise called Democracy, supposedly because it moves at a similar pace to democracy. It is always a challenge to to see who can be the first to spot it.

In the afternoon, enoy a private jeep trip to the spectacular waterscapes of El Estrecho del Magdalena. At 1.7m this is the narrowest section of the mighty Magdalena River which runs from the south of Colombia all the way to the Caribbean coast.

Day 4

Transfer to Tierradentro via Pitalito and La Plata. Tierradentro is the land of the Paez Indians and is surrounded by mountainous terrain. We arrive in San Andrés de Pisimbalá and undertake a short walk to the village before retiring for the night to a comfortable hotel with a swimming pool.

Day 5

A beautiful circular walk to the subterranean tombs in the surroundings of Tierradentro taking in El Alto de San Andrés, Segovia, El Duende & El Tablón. The middle of the trip pauses in El Aguacate, a peak with incredible views across the valley. The Tierradentro walk truly is one of the highlights of Colombia. We spend a second night in Tierradentro.

Day 6

Transfer to back to Neiva airport from Tierradentro where the tour ends.

This round trip is bespoke and tailored to your wishes. Although the trip can be combined with any of our packages, the following are suggested options for this trip.

Day 1

  • Ask us if you want us to arrange your flight from Bogotá to Neiva for you. Also for passengers arriving the previous day, we can offer hotel accommodation the previous night in Bogotá
  • At no additional cost, you can choose to spend the evening of day 1 in a farmer’s cottage in the Tatacoa Desert. This is arguably the most basic yet authentic accommodation that we offer and presents incredible stargazing and photography opportunities.
  • Before transferring to San Agustín, you have the chance to add-in an additional day in the Huila town of Rivera where you can stay in a comfortable hotel and visit the thermal springs.

Day 6

Let us organise your onward travel for you, either a flight back to Bogotá, a flight to one of our other destinations or an overland transfer to Popayán.

Destination information

This tour visits the following destinations. Click the links below for more comprehensive information on each destination.

The Tatacoa Desert

San Agustín



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