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Laguna de la Cocha

Laguna de la Cocha is located in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 2800 metres above sea level and just 25 kms from Pasto, the capital of the Nariño department.

The laguna is one of the most idyllic mountain lakes to be found anywhere in Colombia. At the lakeside there are colourful chalet-style wooden houses and a very small village between swampland and nature reserves. The the most noteworthy feature of the laguna is its small island called Corota which has an area of only 0.8 square kilometres.

The main reason for visiting Laguna de la Cocha for most is the isolation, tranquility and the perfect place to escape the city. Accommodation options are based around the few chalet-style hotels built by Swiss immigrants which offer the last word in seclusion. One of the distinguishing features of the chalet-hotels in the area is that they are the only hotels that we know of in Colombia where they provide their guests with hot-water bottles at bedtime.

Rustic and simple rooms offer panoramic views across the laguna, we recommend you wind down after sunset with a local trout dish and put your feet up in front of the open log fire.

Even in a vast green country such as Colombia it is rare to find such tranquility and peace away from the daily grind. Coupled with the chalet hotels’ excellent hospitality, it really is the retreat that spoils you and revitalises the body and mind.


We organise private transfers from either your hotel or arrival point in Pasto and take you directly to the hotels on the border of the lake. We also offer a range of activities in Laguna de la Cocha including horse-riding, fishing and boat trips to the Carota Island.

Journey by boat to the opposite side of the laguna and you can visit the nature reserve with its pure unspoilt páramo landscapes. Not to everybody’s liking but the nature reserve also has a simple restaurant which serves cuy.

Don’t feel obliged to fill your time in Laguna de la Cocha with outdoor activities, relaxing and taking in the warm ambience of the spectacular hotels is also a worthy pursuit.

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