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About The Colombian Way

The Colombian Way is a travel company that has the goal of showing all that Colombia has to offer to discerning international visitors and those seeking a travel experience out of the ordinary.

In recent years Colombia has enjoyed a vastly improved security situation and has gone to great lengths to shake off her negative image. As travel professionals we want to do our part by showing you the variety that this beautiful country has to offer by organising authentic Colombian travel experiences throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Founded in 2011

Two Europeans living in Colombia decided to join forces and pool their complimentary experiences to form The Colombian Way, the travel company dedicated to sharing the Colombian way of life with its clients.

Our years of travel industry experience in Colombia have given us unparalleled knowledge of Colombia and an enviable catalogue of professional contacts throughout the the country which allow us to deliver expectation-exceeding travel experiences and Colombia’s broadest portfolio of destinations and activities.

The Colombian Way is not a member of any trade body, we do not attend trade fairs or travel shows, we do not participate in industry award schemes. We set our own standards, we live by our reputation and we do not advertise anywhere.

Focussing on our core competencies

Read about what we do and just as importantly do not do. By concentrating on what we do best, we have no distractions as a business.

Quality Control

Consistency of product and service delivery is key to our commercial offering. The Colombian Way team relentlessly travels Colombia, meeting with hotel owners, sleeping on unknown mattresses, eating in hidden away independent restaurants, discussing ideas with our third party suppliers and checking out new routes.. As such we are able to offer our clients an impartial perspective, an unsurpassed local knowledge and consistent quality across all services.

Systems and processes

Everything our company does is backed up by a process, including our rigorous provisioning systems. We are atypical travel people, our management boasts almost 60 years of combined high-level experience in international business consultancy, projects and product management.

From then to now

Our German language sales team is now based in Europe. Our German content is written in Germany and Austria.

In 2018 The Colombian Way relocated its domicile from the United Kingdom to Ireland.

The Colombian Way is working on a number of exciting projects to advance tourism in Colombia, niche services operating under micro-brands as well as offering our core services in a broader range of languages. Behind the scenes we are working on Rosa, our pricing and provisioning engine that will offer us extensive back-end functionality, provisioning automation and front-end currency options.

Going forwards The Colombian Way seeks to put more and more information in the public domain. This benefits the Colombian tourism sector as a whole. The FAQ section on our website has grown into a considerable searchable public resource.

Additional dedicated and more detailed resource pages tell travellers how to get around, explain strategies for spending money in Colombia, what to wear, and information about the weather.