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San Andrés

San Andrés is a Colombian territory located 700 kilometres North of the Colombian Caribbean coast, actually it is closer to Nicaragua. It is the archetype Caribbean island, a small land-mass with pristine white sandy beaches punctuating the seemingly endless pure blue of the Caribbean sea. A perfect location for diving, snorkelling, sunbathing, or simply taking time out.

Within minutes of getting off the plane you will hear the island’s reggae, the islands are a mix of cultures, not only Caribbean cultures but also of the Dutch, Irish, British and the many other Europeans that came to defend the island against the Spanish conquerors.

San Andrés is also an international mixture of languages, English is widely spoken alongside Spanish and Creole. For those travellers battling their way around Colombia with limited or no Spanish, San Andrés offers a welcome respite for the Anglophone.

The mixture of cultures also contributes to the laid-back island mentality of San Andrés and the cheerful attitude of its inhabitants. As the day draws to a close the streets begin to fill with the sounds of calypso, merengue, salsa and reggae.

The variety of food is as colourful as the island’s music mix with a host of international restaurants offering a wide range of culinary experiences, there is certainly enough choice to spoil yourself. For cocktail lovers, San Andrés enjoys a unique duty-free status and economical drinks are available throughout the island.

The main must see visitor destination near the island is Johnny Cay, a small paradise island which is known for its reggae parties, it is the ideal destination for snorkelling, drinking a cuba libre and enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle. To see the whole island then why not consider renting a golf cart for the day? This tiny 11km by 2km island can be easily circumnavigated in one day whilst taking in sights such as San Luís Beach, Hoyo Soplador, La Laguna, Morgan’s Cave and West View.

To accommodate our clients’ tastes and travelling styles we not only have agreements with small intimate hotels on the island, but also we are able to offer the island’s popular all-inclusive resort hotels.


Your San Andrés programme will embrace the spirit of relaxing, being lazy and enjoying the island lifestyle. Normally we will organise the air transport to San Andrés and your hotel accommodation there. We can also add on excursions to Johnny Cay, snorkelling trips and other activities. Let us know if you are interested in activities such as dive packages or kite surfing.

We recommend at least 3 nights on the island, better still, 4 nights and if you are doing more challenging packages and trips in Colombia then we recommend you save San Andrés until last for the ultimate in relaxation before you return home.


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