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Jardín is the small Antioquia town that everyone is talking about.

Jardín, more correctly known as El Jardín is an authentic Antioquia town approximately 4 hours by road from Medellín. But what is it about the town that is capturing the imagination of so many travellers?

Perhaps it is the imposing neo-gothic church La Basilica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción that towers over the main plaza, or how about the café culture? Jardín is the only town we know of in Colombia with such an abundance of cafés, bars and restaurants surrounding its plaza. Jardín is the perfect place to wile away the hours with a beer or a tinto and simply watch life pass by.

Perhaps visitors are drawn by its kaleidescope of colours, alongside Guatapé, also in Antioquia, Jardín vies for the crown of Colombia’s most colourful town with its brightly painted tables, cowhide chairs and colourwashed façades.

Is it the coffee? Well arriving to Jardín could hardly be more spectacular as it is nestled in plunging landscapes dotted with coffee plants and deep ravines.

For us it is all of the above, combined with Jardín’s welcoming residents. Jardín for us is simply the most fun, happy, colourful, relaxed little town we know of in Colombia. Go there without a plan, don’t worry about filling your time there, it is the perfect destination to go to, go with the flow, relax and enjoy.


Jardín is a must, but it is somewhat of a long return trip from Medellín to undertake in just one day. It is possible, but we recommend you take in Jardin’s ambience by spending at least a night there. We can either organise private transport or steer you in the direction of a dependable bus company to take you there from Medellín.

We often get asked about reaching Jardín from the coffee zone. This is possible but for those referring to Google Maps, this can be misleading. To get by road from Salento you need to head towards La Pintada, come back west on the road passing Jericó and then turn towards Jardín at Bolombolo. It is a long and somewhat costly transfer.

Once in Jardín, we can organise activities on your behalf such as tours of the local area, a visit to Cueva del Esplendor or a trip through a mountain pass to Estadero el Arka. Of course in the finest tradition of this little town, you could take a break from a hectic itinerary and simply relax with the locals in one of the many bars and restaurants surrounding the plaza.


Jardín is a top birdwatching destination, in this destination a specialist birding guide is available with expert knowledge of the local birdlife.


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