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Capurganá has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Located in the Caribbean close to the border with Panamá, it is more than just idyllic Caribbean beaches.

Its spectacular topology puts it at the base of the foothills of the Baudó mountain range in Cabo Tiburón. A perfectly unique setting adjacent to the turquoise and cobalt waters of the Caribbean.

The region is located close to the Darien Gap, the thick jungle which separates North and South America. In the off season, the area offers unsurpassed remoteness and tranquility, expect to have whole Caribbean beaches to yourself.

You would normally arrive in Capurganá by air. The town itself has an airport served from Medellín, alternatively it is possible to use other nearby airports from Bogotá combined with bus routes or transfers.


Capurganá is not just a destination for tropical beach bugs, there are a great many activities that we are able to offer in this destination such as sailing, boat visits to Sapzurro and La Miel on the Panama border, a visit to the La Diana waterfalls to see the Black Howler monkeys. Other options include horse riding and walking.

Thirty minutes south from Capurganá is Playa Soledad a pristine white beach that makes the perfect haven for snorkelling and enjoying the underwater world of coral, tropical fish and stingrays.

On the way to Playa Soledad you pass Bahia de Pinorroa and Isla de los Pájaros, a popular breeding ground for birds.

For many, the highlight of a trip to Capurganá is a sailing trip to the San Blas Islands, the home of the indigenous Kuna Indians. The Archepelago of San Blas consists of over 300 small islands and is famous diving spot.

However you want your Capurganá programme, relaxed or adventurous, let us know and we will put together your package tailored to your requirements.

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