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San Juan de Girón

Girón is a stop only available to guests transiting to or from Bucaramanga airport.


More informally known as Girón, this charming pueblo is located just outside Bucaramanga. It was a case of third time lucky for Girón as the town was founded twice previously and ultimately built in its current location back in 1638.

Almost 400 years old and boasting spectacular original Spanish colonial architecture, Girón is one of 17 Colombian towns with protected national heritage status. In 1959 the whole town was declared a Colombian national monument.

Tour outline

San Juan de Girón is not so much a tour, rather it is a chance to see a cute Colombian town but only for guests that are already travelling from Bucaramanga or San Gil and Barichara to Bucaramanga airport, or vice versa. Stops in Girón are normally unguided. A chance to grab a tinto and a snack whilst soaking up the small town ambience.

We say

  • If you are planning a tour with us that includes Bucaramanga airport then ask us about adding a stop in Girón.
  • Feasibility will depend on transfer duration and your Bucaramanga flights.


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