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Paraíso del Bambú y la Guadua

This day trip is available within the coffee zone.


You won’t be in the coffee zone for long before you realise that guadua is very important to the region. You will see it growing in frondy copses, you will see how it is used to build some of our favourite fincas and if you come to the coffee zone from Pereira airport then you will pass through the stunning guadua constructed toll-booth on the Autopisa del Café.

It is then perhaps less surprising that internationally renowned bamboo expert Ximena Londoño is a Colombian and this private collection is most probably the largest international collection of bamboo that you will ever see.

Ximena will guide you personally through her private collection in a beautiful setting, imagine a relaxed and scenic walk with a scientist sharing her vast knowledge with you.

Aside from learning about bamboo and its role in an ecosystem, you will also learn of Ximena’s tale of personal circumstance and how she worked alongside authorities in Quindío to develop her own private obsession into a truly unique visitor attraction.

This is a half day tour and an ideal way to punctuate your itinerary with a dose of botany, take a day off from trekking or simply relax and be fascinated.

We offer this destination to all as a day trip for those staying in family-owned fincas in the coffee zone.

The tour

There’s no need to exert yourself to do this tour, it is a relaxing half day and you can start after a lazy breakfast at the finca. Expect the tour to last 4-5 hours including transport.


Your day includes transport and entrances to Paraíso del Bambú y la Guadua. Your car will wait for you to take you back to the finca or onwards to other activities that you may have booked.

Groups and private tours

Paraíso del Bambú y la Guadua is a private guided tour ideally suited for 2 to 8 people, larger groups available on request.

We say

  • We are delighted to offer this tour, it is as rewarding as it is unusual. Your booking this tour directly helps continue conservation work.
  • Consider adding this tour to one of our short coffee tours or one of our longer multiple destination tours such as The Colours of Colombia.
  • Take a waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes.


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