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El Mariposario

This day trip is available within the coffee zone.


Calarcá is a typical Colombian coffee town. Coffee cooperatives dry beans in the street, locals wearing ruanas stop to chat. People get from A to B in Willys Jeeps and vintage Toyota Land Cruisers.

Venture to the edge of this humble town and you will discover one of Colombia’s finest botanical gardens.

Officially known as El Jardín Botánico del Quindío, the botanical gardens were founded in 1979 as a collaboration between Alberto Gómez Mejía and the University of Quindío. There were three distinct and equally noble founding principles. Ecological conservation, scientific investigation and environmental education.

Be inspired by this nature tourism destination of national importance. It is a must-see feature of your tour to the coffee zone.

The tour

This tour combines perfectly with an afternoon coffee tour such as San Alberto. Visiting El Mariposario first ensures more bird sighting opportunities. Amongst other species the gardens play host to palm tanagers, blue-grey tanagers and great kiskadees. Expect to start your day at 8-9am.

It is not permitted to walk around the gardens unguided, your tour will coordinate with one of the scheduled tours with an expert guide from the foundation.

The tour last approximately half a day and can also be undertaken during the afternoon.


The Colombian Way will organise your private transport to pick you up from your hotel and take you to the gardens, afterwards we will return you to your hotel or finca.

Groups and private tours

El Mariposario is normally a private tour ideally suited for 2 to 8 people, larger groups available on request.

We say

  • This haven of tranquility and abundant nature is exactly what the coffee zone is all about
  • El Mariposario features in our short coffee tours and our signature round trip The Colours of Colombia
  • The walking is easy going but be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take a rainproof jacket


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