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Website prices

Our website has a proprietary dynamic pricing system that stores hundreds of prices for different tour options and choices. Here we aim to explain how it works and answer any questions that you might have.

Where do prices appear?

If you are browsing our website we want you to know how much things cost by displaying fair and current prices. Prices appear primarily in the tour store, the self-service section of our website. The same prices also feature on most day trips and some packages.

Round trips are illustrations of great tours that you might wish to build. More often than not such tours will be customised to clients’ specific requirements but these tours show prices for the tours exactly as published to provide a guide price.

Which price is shown?

Within online booking pages, all prices are shown. Each page stores up to 36 different tour variables and the price per person will update automatically when you select different options or number of people.

On tour store category pages and day trips pages, the indicated “from” price is the default option for that tour.

What is the default option?

The default option is the option that loads when you visit one of our tour store pages.

Number of people: All prices are stored from 1-6 persons and the default is 4. 6 persons tours are normally more economical per person but 4 is a typical size for a family so is the most meaningful number of persons to show as a default.

Tour options: Where a tour has multiple options, the default option is not always necessarily the cheapest, it is the option that best reflects the description on our day trip pages, or the tour that we feel offers the best value.

Why are prices not linear?

All of our tours are privately organised. This means that resources are shared between all participants and prices are calculated on that basis. As a rule of thumb, more persons will almost always mean a lower price per person.

Multiple currencies

Our website displays prices in over 20 currencies. Because prices display throughout the site, currencies apply on the entire site.

Changing currencies will reload the page with new prices, if you are on a tour booking page, the page will revert to the default option. Upon your first visit our website will utilise geolocation to determine the applicable currency for your locale.

Currencies conversions are Google inc. mid-market rates and update every hour. We utilise session management, prices do not increase or decrease due to currency variations whilst you are on our website.

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