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A journey to Mompox is a journey back in time, everything is preserved as it was hundreds of years ago. The town boasts splendid churches and lets you relive the colonial era as many colonial houses with vast spaces and majestic courtyards are now hotels. Mompox is located on the Magdalena River’s alluvial deposits.

Located approximately 5 to 6 hours from Cartagena. The first 4 hours are by private transportation to the town of Magangué from where you will take a ferry to Mompox across the Río Magdalena. Life in this charming town is very much focussed around the river and on its banks it is common to meet friends for a beer after work.

The heart of Mompox is Calle Real del Medio which is home to the town’s most beautiful manor houses from the colonial period. Also here you will discover the towns most beautiful churches such as the San Agustín church and the San Francisco church.

Mompox is world famous for its intricately crafted gold jewellery, there are numerous workshops where the jewellery is still made to this day in time honoured fashion with the original tools. A visit to the workshops make for an interesting day out.

Mompox is flat and lies at 25m below sea level, its swamps and islands provide the perfect habitat for a diverse population, caimans and capybaras. We will gladly organise a boat trip to explore this fascinating landscape.

We’d recommend one or two nights in Mompox, and it offers an easy and accessible side trip from Cartagena. We suggest an early morning departure from Cartagena arriving in Mompox in the afternoon.


  • The heat in Mompox can be overbearing because of its location. Be sure to wear head protection and drink plenty of water.


Depending on how it fits into your other wishes and travel plans, we would recommend one or two days for your Mompox programme. The town can easily be explored without a guide. We provide transportation from Cartagena by car arriving mid afternoon in Mompox after crossing the Rio Magdalena by ferry.

Mompox lends itself very well to a walking tour, we are happy to arrange a tour guide to steer you through the town’s narrow streets. You can also climb the tower of San Francisco church which affords you a beautiful view across the town. Take yourself back in time and enjoy in the unique colonial atmosphere.

Mompox offers some wonderful accommodation in hotels set in colonial style houses. From luxurious to simple, there are a range of accommodation options and it will be no problem suggesting a hotel to suit your travelling style and your budget.

We can also organise a full range of side trips from Mompox to the marshes and mangroves in the surrounding area.

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