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Nevado Santa Isabel

This day trip is available within the coffee zone


Parque de los Nevados is located deep within the coffee zone and belongs to all three of the areas’s departments, Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío. It is also possible to access the park from Ibagué, the capital of the Tolima Department.

This huge park is a true treat for trekking fanatics as it boasts a range of differing landscapes and the snowy capped peaks of active volcanoes. The most famous being the Nevado del Ruíz, Nevado el Cisne, Santa Isabel and the Nevado del Tolima.

It is not just snowy peaks that this national park has to offer, the páramo landscapes and the lagunas are populated by abundant alpine like frailejón plants which are endemic to the páramo.

The park is the perfect place to take spectacular photos, especially during the morning before the fog and clouds descend.

A trip to Nevado Santa Isabel takes you through various climatic zones and ecosystems. First you enter woodland, then the páramo, then the superpáramo. Finally you reach the snowy peaks after which the Los Nevados park is named.

We offer this destination to all as a day trip for those staying in family-owned fincas in the coffee zone, hotels in Salento or at Hacienda Venecia.

The tour

You need to be an early riser, this is a full day tour with 12 hours of activities. You will be picked up at 5am if you are in the city of Manizales or Hacienda Venecia or earlier if you are in Risaralda or Quindío

Your day includes transport and you will be take initially to the park entrance at 3100 metres above sea level. From there you commence your walk taking in various ecosystems and high-mountain landscapes. The tour reaches Santa Isabel’s glacier at 4900 metres above sea level.


The Colombian Way will organise your private transport to pick you up from your hotel or finca and take you to Santa Isabel, afterwards we will return you to your accommodation.

Groups and private tours

Nevado Santa Isabel is a private guided tour ideally suited for 2 to 8 people, larger groups available on request.

We say

  • Given the restrictions at Nevado del Ruíz, this is the tour that guarantees you access to a glacier.
  • Bring your trekking A-game. This is a full day of high-altitude, medium-difficulty trekking. A good level of fitness is required.
  • It’s going to be cold up there, wear layers, bring a lightweight rain jacket and gloves, and ensure you have good walking boots for the challenging variety of terrains that you are going to encounter
  • Despite being cold it is also sunny, wear a hat and apply a high SPF sunblock
  • You burn more calories when exerting yourself at altitude. Don’t skimp on the carbohydrates the previous evening and drink plenty of fluids


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